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Tree Health Calgary

Have you noticed a tree health issue in your yard? Spots, discolorations or abnormal growths are signs that your trees need treatment in order to thrive. In Calgary, diseases and infestations can affect various tree species. Untreated, these issues lead to irreparable damage. Luckily most common issues can be suppressed or eliminated by Royal Dutch Tree Services.

Our treatment programs employ cutting edge Direct­Inject technology, meaning that harmful sprays are not required. You can immediately enjoy your yard, worry free, while your trees receive the treatment they need. We are

Take a look at the following health issues affecting trees in Calgary. If you recognize these symptoms in your yard, contact us for an expert consultation by our certified pesticide applicator, free of charge.


As a full­service tree company led by certified arborists, we provide a thorough and accurate diagnosis of any health issues affecting your trees. We take the time to walk through your yard and discuss our findings with you, tree by tree. Your input and involvement is important during this process, so we can understand your observations and expectations.


After identifying any diseases or pests affecting your trees, we provide you with a Tree Health Assessment report.

This report, tailored specifically to your yard, summarizes:

  • Issues affecting each tree
  • Our recommended treatment program

Your Tree Health Assessment is like a prescription from the doctor, since it is expert advice from a certified arborist.


In our experience, there are three common ways to improve tree health. See below for a comparison of current technologies available on the market. Royal Dutch Tree Services is confident that Direct­Inject treatment is the safest, most effective way to keep your yard free of pests, fungus and disease.

Direct Injection Commercial Pesticide Off-the-Shelf Pesticide Sprays
Effectively suppresses or eliminates common tree health issues





Targets the root cause of a problem by entering the  tree’s sap system





Only available to licensed applicators X
Allows people and pets to safely enjoy the yard immediately after treatment





Often requires only one application X X

Direct­inject treatments are specialized products used by certified applicators. These products are introduced to the tree’s sap system via a tiny hole drilled in the trunk. Once the treatment is installed, your yard is safe to enjoy ­ no need to wait! Direct injection affects the entire tree for 1­ – 3 years. A single application will remedy most common health concerns.

Typical sprays do not address the root cause of diseases and infestations, since:

  • sprays require external application
  • sprays only contact a small portion of the tree, even with repeat applications

Imagine trying to spray every leaf and branch of an 80ft oak tree! Insects and disease can thrive in each spot that a spray misses.

Since sprays can be washed off by rainwater and snow, applicators will prescribe multiple treatments. Costs and hassle can add up over time. Keep in mind that commercial spray pesticides are toxic products, often harmful to people and animals. That’s why they aren’t available for off­the­shelf purchase. Would you want toxic chemicals sprayed all over your yard? Or would you prefer precise application contained within the tree?

There are certain products, such as soap sprays, available for public purchase. While these sprays are less toxic, they usually fail to address tree health issues. In our experience, successful treatments are a customized mix designed by a certified arborist and applicator. If the wrong type of product is used (e.g. if an insecticide is used to treat fungus) the problem will only get worse.

Trust Royal Dutch Tree Services

To improve the health of your trees and we will

  • Send a certified arborist to inspect your yard
  • Provide an expert diagnosis (Tree Health Assessment report)
  • Implement an effective treatment plan using Direct­Inject technology

Ultimately, we want your trees to flourish for years to come. Contact us today for a free consultation.