Tree Pruning Service Calgary

Tree Pruning Calgary

In a natural forest, trees keep each other in check by providing support and limiting the amount of light that can reach each tree. Branches can fall to the forest floor and entire trees can topple over with limited consequences.

Domesticated trees, like the ones in your yard, need care and attention in order to flourish and perform. A comprehensive Tree Pruning program will ensure you have a safe yard full of happy trees!

Our Approach

A professional tree trimming program from Royal Dutch Tree Services balances your needs with the needs of your trees. We create effective programs that consider:

  • Shape – your tree’s aesthetic form and interaction with other trees
  • Light & Shade – the amount of natural light in your house and yard
  • Access – your ability to use key areas in your yard
  • Integrity – your tree’s structural soundness
  • Performance – the amount of fruit and flowers your tree produces

If your trees are ready for the Royal treatment, contact us for an in-person consultation today. We’ll walk with you through your yard and talk about specific needs and concerns for each tree. Our Certified Arborists use industry standard best practices, and pride themselves on exceptional customer service.


In Calgary, our climate supports many species of trees, each requiring customized attention from a Certified Arborist. A proper tree trimming program will maintain your tree’s unique shape and keep it looking beautiful.

For example, aspen and spruce trees are like sprinters. They are a pioneer species that seek height, meaning they grow tall quickly without spreading out.

On the other hand, chestnut, apple, walnut and buckeye are like marathon runners. These species tend to grow slowly, contain hard wood, and put their energy into their fruits. They often spread out and form a parasol shape, blocking light from the rest of the yard.

With the ‘marathon runner’ species, we often suggest crown reductions in combination with a structural cleanup of the tree. The result is a tree with the same shape, but approximately 20% smaller volume. It’s like turning back the clock 4 years!

This approach is also an effective way to prevent interference between neighbouring trees.

A successful shaping program maintains proper spacing and improves the aesthetics of your tree. Regardless of species, a professionally pruned tree should stand out and be pleasing to your eye.

Light & Shade

Our customers often ask us to improve the natural lighting in their house or garden. By pruning key trees in your yard, Royal Dutch Tree Services can address your specific need for  light and shade.

For example, spruce trees often block light to main floor windows. By cutting and removing branches from the lower portion of the tree (called ‘raising the skirt’), we can dramatically increase the amount of natural light that reaches your windows.


Professional tree trimming can also improve access to key areas in your yard.

As we mentioned, raising the skirt of a tree allows more light into your home or garden. This technique will also provide access underneath the tree. Very handy if you have a door or shed near the base of the tree!

If one of your trees is blocking access in your yard, call us today for expert advice from a Certified Arborist.


Every homeowner wants a safe yard for their family and friends to enjoy.

Have you ever noticed a dead branch dangling precariously in one of your trees? Or perhaps you’re concerned about trees overhanging your deck or garage.

These issues can be addressed quickly and safely by our certified arborists. Our Tree Pruning programs commonly include services like roof clearing, deadwooding, structural cleanup and removal of dangerous branches.

A major storm, like Calgary’s infamous Snowtember can exacerbate structural issues in your trees. We have extensive experience cleaning up trees that have been damaged by storms.

Please note that we will NEVER suggest ‘topping’ your trees, since this practice results in side boughs with dramatically reduced structural integrity.

To ensure your tree is safe and secure, we often combine Tree Pruning with customized Tree Support


Our Certified Arborists are passionate about your tree’s performance. If you want to see increased fruiting and flowering, professional tree trimming is a proven approach.

Take a look at the article Pruing Fruit Trees to learn more about high performance fruit trees (written by By Dr. Mark S. Brunell, Alameda County Master Gardeners, University of California)

Trust Royal Dutch Tree Services

for all your tree pruning needs and we will

  • Send a Certified Arborist to inspect your yard
  • Provide an expert diagnosis, taking your needs into account
  • Implement an effective tree trimming program

We take pride in delivering the Royal treatment for our customers. Contact us today to request a free quote.